Alejandro Pérez Sánchez M.F.A.

Alejandro Pérez Sánchez currently serves as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of 3d digital design. Over the course of his ten year career, Alejandro has worked on numerous high-level projects in the television, film and video game industries, and has also deep experience teaching college level animation, multimedia, 3D animation, video production, and game programming.

His video game experience includes Devil May Cry 4 and Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, and his film experience include Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, The Family Stone, Rent, and many more. Some of his television experience include Supernanny, Los Angeles En Vivo, Noticias 62, and Buscando Amor.

Since enrolling his first college classes at the age of 15, Alejandro has gone on to become an expert in in C++, Mel Scripting, Python, HTML, CSS and Action Scripting, and is also an expert in a wide variety of software suites including Autodesk, Adobe Creative Suite, and others. He is proficient in a variety of game engines including UDK, Unity and Flash.

Prior to coming aboard at RIT, Alejandro served as the lead animation and video production instructor at Platt College where he rewrote and developed curriculum for animation and video production bachelor’s degree programs. He also developed online curriculum at Mt. Sierra College and taught game design at ITT Technical Institute. Outside academia, Alejandro has served with firms such as Image Metrics, E-Film, Lieberman Broadcasting, and Hill&Brand Entertainment.

Alejandro holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Effects and Animation with a focus on 3d Character Animation from The Academy of Art University. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles.

When he’s not in the office or at the front of a classroom, Alejandro enjoys tabletop gaming, and catching up on the latest developments in virtual reality technology. He also enjoys leading the local Hike it Baby group, providing hiking and outdoor opportunities for parents with babies and toddlers. He also loves spending time with his beloved two year old daughter.


Academic Work



I have been teaching since 2005 at various different schools including; ITT Technical Institute, Platt College, The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, and Rochester Institute of Technology. The concentration of classes I have taught focus on the arts and in particular three-dimensional digital design.


Service and Professional Development

I really love what I do and strive to do as much service and professional development that I can do. I participate in several groups at RIT and spend time each year going to conferences so that I can keep up to date with the trends of the industry.



For my research, I develop creative works to enter into competitions and festivals. I also spend time researching emerging technology and software, and teaching pedagogy. Then I present my findings at conferences and symposiums.



My Creative Work



This is my portfolio, you can find a collection of various different types creative work here that I have created.


Examples of my student’s work that they have completed can be found here. 

My Student’s Work




I really enjoy doing tutorial videos and in this section of my portfolio you can find a collection of tutorials that I have completed